Easyservice: A Guarantee for FTTx Broadband Services

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Service Requirements

Broadband access is evolving from conventional DSL copper cable to PON fiber optic. As a consequence, the PON-based FTTx user base is expanding rapidly, and a vastly increased number of access nodes are being used. Business operation and support systems are struggling to meet the needs of service development, and many issues need to be solved:

■    Activating FTTx services takes several hours. Automatic provision of FTTx services should be supported;

■    FTTx troubleshooting is more complicated. An effective tool should be found to quickly diagnose and locate faults; 

■    The number of FTTx devices is increasing. Unified management should be implemented, especially for FTTH terminals.

For rapid development of FTTx services, a complete FTTx service support system should be built as soon as possible.


Emergence of EasyserviceTM

EasyserviceTM is a broadband service support system consisting of xPON service support module (EasyOptical), xDSL service support module (EasyCopper), remote terminal management module (EasyGateway), broadband pre-processing module (EasyCSM), home network service terminal software (EasyAssistant), and terminal installation navigation software (EasyGuider).

These modules can be flexibly combined to suit an operator’s needs. They support automatic service provisioning, fault diagnosis, performance alarm, bandwidth estimation and optimization, and statistical analysis, and can be easily incorporated into existing business operations. All this helps operators optimize broadband O&M flows, reduce O&M costs, and enhance user experience.


EasyOptical guarantees FTTx services

Broadband failures are caused by environmental issues such as power, temperature, or humidity; terminal issues such as power-off and improper configuration; or fiber and copper line issues. Most broadband failures occur in home networks. 

EasyOptical is a broadband service support module specifically designed for xPON networks. It provides FTTx fault diagnosis, equipment monitoring, data analysis, and optical line optimization. It also allows automatic and remote O&M for broadband services, fully meeting operational needs in various FTTx scenarios. 


EasyCopper guarantees DSL services

EasyCopper is a broadband service support module for DSL networks. Assisted by an expert system, it provides performance analysis, quick fault diagnosis, automatic fault recovery, common fault alarm, performance change alarm, and performance optimization for ADSL or VDSL networks.

EasyCopper helps improve O&M efficiency, and shows exact line capacity so that new services can be introduced to customers on time.


EasyGateway manages home network devices in a unified manner 

EasyGateway is an open, efficient, cross-platform terminal management module. It manages terminal devices such as integrated access device (IAD), home gateway (HGW), set-top box (STB), and optical network unit (ONU) in a unified manner. 

When incorporated into a business operation and support system, EasyGateway enables the optical network terminal (ONT) to implement “zero touch” service activation and routine remote O&M. EasyGateway creates a unified flow for FTTx service fulfillment in order to significantly speed up FTTx service provisioning. It also supports terminal pre-configuration, automatic terminal configuration, troubleshooting, software and firmware version management, file and log management, status and performance monitoring, and equipment management, all of which provide effective management for FTTx terminals.


EasyCSM facilitates handling of broadband complaints 

EasyCSM works with EasyAssistant to help operators handle customer complaints. When a complaint is made about broadband failure, EasyCSM can determine the running status of the customer’s home network based on a diagnosis code generated by EasyAssistant. EasyCSM can judge whether the fault has occurred at the user end.


EasyAssistant gives rise to intelligent home broadband services

EasyAssistant software is installed on a user’s computer to detect or fix broadband failures. 


EasyGuider enables fast service activation

EasyGuider shows users step-by-step how to install and configure terminals for broadband service. 



Since its introduction, EasyserviceTM has been highly recognized by operators worldwide.   

■    February 2009: China Telecom (Quanzhou) established three new FTTH O&M procedures, employing EasyOptical, EasyCopper, and EasyGateway for service activation, fault diagnosis, and service enhancement. These procedures were designed to shorten service activation time, speed up fault diagnosis, and cut down O&M costs.

■    February 2009: Venezuela CANTV deployed EasyGateway in its IPTV project to manage 1, 270,000 CPEs.

■    June 2009: Pakistan Telecom deployed EasyGateway, EasyAssistant, and EasyCSM to manage 200,000 CPEs. This helps operators and users maintain their home networks.

■    December 2009: China Telecom (Huzhou) deployed EasyOptical that is 99% accurate in diagnosing faults.

■    May 2010: Greece’s ON Telecoms deployed EasyGateway to manage 115,000 CPEs.


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