ZTE Establishes China's First IMS-based EV-DO Video Telephony

Release Date:2009-05-18  Author:ZTE  Click:

 ZTE announced on April 16, 2009, that it has partnered with Sichuan Telecom to successfully establish the first IMS-based EV-DO Video Telephony (VT) call in China. Meanwhile, ZTE plans to launch a series of commercial EV-DO terminals equipped with video phone features by  the end of Q2 this year.

The Sichuan Telecom's IMS network is the largest and most comprehensive commercial network of China Telecom, the parent company of Sichuan Telecom. The network, which ZTE helped to deploy, has been smoothly in operation offering rich ICT convergence services and multimedia services.

VT is one of the 'killer applications' of 3G. The IMS-based EV-DO VT calls that ZTE successfully made this time through various modes including phone-to-phone calls, as well as communication between two personal computers. All these calls were capable of smoothly transmitting multimedia images, providing good voice quality as well as offering exceptional user experience.            

(ZTE Corporation)