ZTE Wins Large IPTV Contract in South America

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 ZTE recently clinched a large-scale commercial IPTV contract from CANTV, the largest telecom carrier in Venezuela. It is considered as the largest IPTV project in the whole South America region.

The project, which commenced in July 2008, attracted intense competition from virtually all the IPTV suppliers worldwide due to its large budget as well as huge subscriber base target. During the first phase of the project, ZTE will work with CANTV to deploy ZTE's ZXBIV IPTV Eyewill solution in order to enable the company offer IPTV access to 67,090 users.

This IPTV solution allows CANTV to offer services packages with over 140 channels, thus staying highly competitive in the market.

The CANTV IPTV project is a significant milestone for the carrier and for South America in general. It is expected to trigger a wave of large-scale commercial IPTV deployments by other carriers in the region. ZTE will focus on covering most part of Venezuela's territory in the next five years.

(ZTE Corporation)


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