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On 10 April 2008, the prestigious "Best Contributor to IPTV Ecosystem" award was granted by the Ministry of Information Industry of China to ZTE Corporation for its outstanding contributions in promoting the IPTV industry. As shown in the photo, Mr. Yu Yifang, General Manager of ZTE's Multimedia and Terminals Product Line, receives the honor at the 2008 IPTV World Forum from Mr. Chen Ruming, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Information Industry, China. 

ZTE works diligently with carriers, content providers (such as SMG and CCTV), and application service providers to build a strong IPTV ecosystem.

As a primary member of Chinese Communication Standard Association (CCSA), ZTE has taken a leading role in drafting a number of IPTV standards, solely or jointly with industrial partners. Moreover, ZTE is a sponsor of AVS Industry Alliance of China, which has defined an industrial leading IPTV standard along with AVS-IPTV test schemes.

Meanwhile, ZTE continues to make important contributions to the global IPTV standard activities, with its contributions accounting for 8% of the total resolutions during ITU-T FGIPTV research period, and as the editor on IPTV architecture in ITU-T IPTV GSI 2008.

ZTE has won the largest market share in China (more than 50%) with its IPTV "Eye-Will" platform and services deployed by the two largest fixed-line network providers, China Telecom and China Netcom, in more than fifteen provinces. It serves more than 800,000 end users with residential IPTV services. ZTE also empowers carriers to penetrate vertical markets with hotel solution, global surveillance solution, and remote education solution. 

ZTE has become a significant global player in all telecommunication areas. In particular, ZTE has provided feature-rich and cost-effective IPTV solutions to international carriers in ten countries, including Colombia, Thailand, Belarus, etc.


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