ZTE Records Highest Industry Growth for Optical Networking Solutions

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ZTE scored the highest industry sales growth in the area of Optical Networking (ON) in 2007, according to a report published by international research firm Ovum entitled "Market Share 4Q07 and 2007 Global ON". The company's ON products' sales grew by 120% in 4Q 2007 compared with that of 2006, the report revealed. The Ovum report analyzes quarterly results of different ON solution vendors, including ZTE's, and compares that with the sales figures recorded in the previous year.

The Ovum's Optical Networking Market Analysis by segment ranks ZTE second in terms of global market share for LH Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and ADM area, proving that ZTE's continuous efforts in investing and developing new optical technology is paying off. Market-wise, Ovum predicts global ON spending to reach $16.4 billion by end of 2008, laying ahead enormous market opportunities and increasing bandwidth demands in all regions.

"It is a significant accomplishment for us that our ON products have successfully penetrated more than 90 countries worldwide, including APAC, Europe, North America, Africa and Middle East. We partner with multinational telecom companies and carriers to deliver high-quality ON solutions that meet the rapidly accelerating demand for high-end optical networking products," said Mr. Han Ling, ZTE's Vice President and General Manager, Optical Network Products. "ZTE is fully committed to expanding our ON product portfolio in the years to come to address the market needs for higher bandwidth, as well as to sustain sales growth of our optical networking product range."

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