3G Pioneering Experience Campaign

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People expect much from 3G since its inception; they pose increasingly high requirements on 3G applications. As the 2008 Olympic Games is drawing near, China's 3G networks will soon be put into commercial use. People are curious about what tremendous changes the 3G networks will bring into their lives.

Being the 3G leader in China, ZTE took the lead to launch the "3G Pioneering Experience Campaign" in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Xiamen of China, bringing 3G experience to general users for the first time.

The three-month campaign attracted the attention of more than half a million people. Over 50,000 were included in ZTE's 3G questionnaire survey, and nearly 3000 net users participated in the 3G discussion. The cross-time and cross-space 3G experience campaign has greatly promoted interaction between the 3G industry and consumers in China.

ZTE 3G in Shenzhen
On September 15, 2007, the 3G experience campaign was unveiled at the first stop, Shenzhen, one of the most economically-developed cities in China. Shenzhen is a production base, R&D base and transaction base of high-tech products including computer and parts, communication equipment, audio visual products and electromechanical products. ZTE's headquarters are located in this open and fast-growing city full of economic opportunities.

The experience campaign in Shenzhen showed the company's busy production lines, great R&D strength and cutting-edge 3G technologies to the public. 10 out of thousands of participants were selected to experience 3G mobile life in a simple and intuitive manner.
"I used to see mobile phones with video functions on TV and movies, which I have always been longing for. Today I am very lucky to experience the real 3G mobile TV, and I'm impressed by the extremely fast download speed and crystal-clear picture quality that ZTE 3G handsets offer," said one attendee after using a TV-enabled phone. 

"It is a great fun to visit ZTE's handset production and test line. I have learned that each keypad, cover shell and even camera are assembled by different workers in different workshops; every handset must pass quality inspection before delivery, including drop test, shock-proof test, battery test, endurance test and so on," said another attendee at the production line.

ZTE 3G in Shanghai
ZTE continued its 3G pioneering experience campaign at the second stop, Shanghai, on September 22. As an international metropolitan city, Shanghai is modern, fashionable, and full of energy and dreams. Having an R&D Center in this glamorous city, we believe that the fashion-led Shanghai can bring ZTE designers more inspiration.

Different from the production and test line tour in Shenzhen, the activity in Shanghai included a visit to the handset ID design and open TD-SCDMA Lab. Attendees were very excited to see a veritable sea of amazing 3G handsets with attractive, stylish and creative designs such as the one awarded with the "Red Dot Award"; conceptual handsets as small as a USB flash disk; business handsets with a projector function; ultra-thin handsets; gaming handsets; camera handsets; music handsets; candy-bar handsets; touch-screen handsets; full-keypad handsets and more.

In addition to the varieties of 3G handset designs, attendees were also fascinated by a wide array of intuitive, powerful, entertaining and robust 3G services and deeply impressed by the company's TD-SCDMA R&D capability.

ZTE 3G in Beijing
On October 17, 2007, the 3G pioneering experience campaign arrived at the third stop, Beijing, the capital of China and the nation's political, economical, and cultural center. The upcoming 2008 Olympic Games will bring more business opportunities and cultural exchanges with other countries. It is reported that China will provide 3G services during the Games, which means new challenges and opportunities for telecom operators and vendors.

The campaign in Beijing offered attendees a chance to have a first-hand experience of 3G applications including videophone, mobile TV, high-speed data download and high-speed Internet access. An addition to this exciting event was the launch of two new types of 3G terminals; the industry-leading TD-SCDMA/EDGE dual-mode intelligent phone U980 and the industry's first TD-SCDMA USB data card MU318.

A girl coming from Tianjin city said with excitement, "I particularly like the ZTE U980 for its elegant appearance, exquisite design and amazing functionalities. I can use it to have a face-to-face communication with far away friends and relatives."

Another participant commented, "3G mobile phones will have a promising market prospect in China. I believe mobile TV will be one of the most desirable services in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I look forward to that day when the Olympic Games are in our pocket."

ZTE 3G in Xiamen
The 3G pioneering experience campaign reached the last stop, Xiamen, on November 3. Xiamen, located at the southeast coastland of China, is a port city with a unique local culture and beautiful sceneries. Moreover, Xiamen is among the first cities in China to try the TD-SCDMA network.

As the 3G network trial covered almost the whole city, the campaign was launched in the beautiful campus of Xiamen University. The outdoor experience began with a game. Attendees were divided into several groups, and the handsets in each group were embedded with four different pictures of Xiamen University. The winner would be the first group to find the four places. All participants in the game used ZTE's 3G handsets for video calling, and experienced 3G for the first time. The game gives them a good chance to touch the real "body" of 3G services.