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ZTE optical transport applications overseas

Release Date:2003-12-12  Author:ZTE  Click:

Ecuador National Optical Fiber Communication Backbone Network

ZTE Corporation and Ecuador Pacifictel signed contract on a cooperation project to build the first national optical communications backbone network of Ecuador in Guayaqil in 2001. The president of Ecuador and China’s ambassador to Ecuador attended the ceremony.

This network is expected to interconnect with the optical fiber transmission backbone networks of both Colombia and Peruvian. And the total distance of this project is 1008km.

Poland National Backbone Network

ZTE DWDM products entered Poland telecommunications market in 2001, which undertake the construction of Poland national backbone network.

After this project, ZTE ZXSM-150/600/2500, the integrated SDH equipment was successfully commissioned in Szeptel.S.A. in 2002. This project including four nodes, and the distance between any two stations is over 100Km.

In this project, ZTE realized products connection with Siemens SDH equipment in the STM-4 optical interface, connection with Segem&CISCO SDH equipment in the STM-1 optical interface.

India National Backbone DWDM Transport Network

Early in 2003, with its DWDM 320G system, ZTE won the tender of Indian national backbone transmission network carried by BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd), the largest national telecommunication operators.

Russia National

In the Russia telecommunications market, equipment vendors must obtain the network access license first. ZTE’s integrated SDH equipment ZXSM-150/600/2500 and multi-function compact equipment ZXSM-600 (V2) had passed the network access tests and obtained the first network access licenses, knocking open the door to Russia telecommunications market.

The figure shows the topology of Poland backbone network:

Tajik Telecom Dushanbe Metropolitan Area Network

In November 2002, ZTE made a bid for the reconstruction and expansion project of Dushanbe Metropolitan Area Network of Tajik Telecom, one of the most heavily invested telecommunications projects in Tajikstan. Many famous international companies, to name a few, Lucent, Nortel, Siemens, and NEC, joint the tender. In the end, ZTE won out over the bid. In this project, ZTE’s transmission products ZXSM-150/600/2500 and ZXSM-600 (V2) were highly praised by our customers.

This event is a milestone of ZTE transmission products in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) market, and ZTE became the first manufacturer from China that won over a bid loaned by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). This is a very important step for ZTE to establish its international creditability.

The figure illustrates the network topology of the Dushanbe project.

With further deployment of international marketing, a good prospect is overspreading in front of us. A great number of transmission projects are being carried out in South Asia, South America, South Africa, North Africa and Europe.