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ZXWM-32 DWDM Device

Release Date:2003-12-12  Author:ZTE  Click:

ZXWM-32 DWDM optical transmission system can fully satisfy the networking and management requirements of users at different levels, and can serve national and inter/intra-provincial trunk network, local switching network and various private networks. The system has the following advantages:

1 DWDM technology is adopted to realize the ultra-large capacity transmission from 2.5G/10G to 400Gb/s;

2 The system has the capacity of multiple service access and smooth upgrading;

ZXWM-32 optical transmission system employs the open design and converts the accessed optical signals with O/E/O wavelength conversion technology into optical signals complying with the requirements of G.692 and G.691 proposals. In addition to the transparent access of STM-N signals of SDH device from any vendors, it can bear optical signals in other formats (such as POS, GE, ATM and PDH), and fully protect the interests of investors. It is the ideal means for network expansion.

The system adopts the modular design, all backplane interfaces of main optical channel single boards are designed completely in the same way, and all the optical boards can be inserted and mixed up at will, thereby ensuring smooth upgrading and flexible networking of the system. In the process of system expansion, the original equipment including rack, backplane and single board, remain in use without replacement, the only thing to do is to add optical transponder sub-rack and some single boards in the same rack, thus the system can be flexibly configured according to the needs. In terms of capacity, the system can upgrade smoothly from one wave to 32/40 waves. In terms of nodes, optical amplified nodes can be upgraded to optical terminal nodes and OADM nodes. The system upgrading has great flexibility.

3 Perfect power management technology is adopted.

In order to safeguard the network performance, ZXWM-32 DWDM system employs perfect power management technology to adjust and control the power of each point in the system. The power management of the system involves the adoption of power pre-balance technology and intelligent optical amplifier technology. The power pre-balance is to adjust the output power of optical transponder unit through network management, thereby ensuring the balance of optical power among each channel of the optical transmit end in the system. Besides gains sharing and gains lock functions, the intelligent optical amplifier has such functions as gains adjustable and output power instant suppression. Gains adjustable function realizes multiple gains type for one kind of optical amplified module so as to meet the actual engineering requirements. Optical amplifier instant suppression function ensures that, within of the period following any or several channels of the system are opened or cut off, the optical power of other channels remains stable.

4 B1 and J0 byte check function can accurately locate the point of transmission fault;

The optical transponder unit of ZXWM-32 DWDM optical transmission system has B1 and J0 byte check function, which can accurately locate the point of transmission fault as well as the fault type. All the single boards of main optical channel in ZXWM-32 DWDM system employ the power collection and monitoring technology with large dynamic scope and high precision, whose measurement error is below 1 dB and virtually reflects the system performance.

5 Support other sophisticated network topology structures including ring and cross type;

The optical monitoring system of ZXWM-32 optical transmission system employs double OSC boards patented design under which two OSC boards are configured in the single rack to support the receiving, processing and sending of monitoring information and order wire information to 4 optical directions at most, thus ensuring the strong networking capability of the system. It can not only build the chain network and ring network, but also realize networking in “cross” type, with two tangential rings or two intersected rings.

6 Multiple protection modes ensure the more secure network;

For the DWDM transmission network of large transmission capacity, the network security and stability is of great importance. ZXWM-32 DWDM system provides multiple effective protection modes: SDH-layer-based 1+1 protection, 1 N protection, optical- network-layer-based optical MS protection, and optical channel protection. The optical MS protection employs the unique fault detection technology to lead the switching time of protection below 10ms. The OADM equipment of ZXWM-32 DWDM optical transmission system can realize the two-fiber MS dedicated protection and two-fiber bi-directional MS shared protection.

7 Powerful and featured network management system;

The master/slave station network management technology is used: From the viewpoint of network security, ZXWM-32 adopts the master/slave station network management technology; besides the master station, one or more slave stations can be set up depending on the case. In case of the failure of master station, the slave station can timely take over the master station.

Remote software downloading is provided: When the system upgrades its version, this will not only involve the background network management upgrade, but also involve the upgrading of each built-in software for each single board so as to realize online upgrading of network management software and single board software without interruption of services.

Remote adjustable optical interface is provided: ZXWM-32 can adjust and control the optical interface parameters such as the wavelength of OTU, power, gains of EDFA, etc. through the network management system to offer more convenient field maintenance.

8 The design with patent technology such as double order wires cares for the users from trivial.

The design idea of the same number in double order wires allows the maintenance staff to timely conduct necessary order wire liaison no matter in the equipment room or at the office.

9 Out-of-band FEC technology is used to improve the transmission performance of the system.

The out-of-band FEC technology is used to equivalently improve optical signal/noise ratio by approximately 6 dB to realize ultra long span transmission.

10 Dispersion management technology

The dispersion management technology is adopted by ZXWM-32 in the system design to conduct the bandwidth dispersion compensation, thereby realizing the high-speed long-distance transmission.

To date, ZXWM-32 DWDM optical transmission system has served many national trunks and provincial trunks.