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ITU adopted three optical transport network proposals submitted by ZTE

Release Date:2003-12-12  Author:ZTE  Click:

The fourth meeting of ITU-T SG15 (ITU optical and other transport network standardization work group) study period 2001-2004 adopted the three optical transport network proposals submitted by ZTE Corporation. As far as we know, it is also the time when the largest number of proposals submitted by a Chinese manufacturer were accepted directly at this meeting compared with all the previous ITU meetings.

Adhering to active participation, prudent and practical spirits, ZTE Corporation submitted four papers covering today’s hot topics in optical transport network technologies. Three proposals, i.e. “Proposal for Multipath Transmission of Ethernet over the Transport Network”, “Concerns on Disruption Time of Services carried by Virtual Concatenation Method inside SDH Network” and “Network Management Strategy of Intelligent Optical Network”, got passed one time.

The primary arguments and grounds of these proposals were derived from actual products and experiences in projects, so they are of high reference and guidance value to related operators and manufacturers. During the submission of its proposals, ZTE Corporation gained great supports from domestic standardization organizations and the PRC delegation at the meeting, and they highly praised the achievements of Chinese enterprises represented by ZTE.

As everyone knows, ITU-T has strict agendas and intense arguments, most papers should be argued over and over before their formal acceptance. ZTE submitted several papers at the same time, some of which were passed after only one conference argument to be incorporated into the international standards. This demonstrates Chinese communication equipment enterprises’ ability to grasp the key communication technologies and participate in international standards competition has been substantially improved.

During the technology development, ZTE attached high importance to and actively participated in the study on international standards. Being a member of ITU-T, ITU-R and ITU-D, ZTE also joined more than 30 international standardization organizations including 3GPP, 3GPP2, CDG, OMA, OIF, RPRA, DSL, IPv6, MPLS and NPF. ZTE successfully sponsored three 3GPP2 conferences in November 2001, June 2002 and January 2003 respectively.