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QoE Management for 5G New Radio

ZHANG Man, LI Dapeng, LIU Zhuang, GAO Yin Click:543

QoE Management for 5G New Radio

ZHANG Man, LI Dapeng, LIU Zhuang, GAO Yin
(Algorithm Department, Wireless Product R&D Institute, ZTE Corporation, Shanghai 201203, China)

Abstract: Quality of Experience (QoE) is used to monitor the user experience of telecommunication services, which has been studied for a long time. In universal terrestrial radio access network (UTRAN), evolved UTRAN (E-UTRA) and Long Term Evolution (LTE), QoE has also been specified for the improvement of user experience. The 5G New Radio (NR) technology is designed for providing various types of new services, and therefore operators have strong demand to continuously upgrade the 5G network to provide sufficient and good QoE for corresponding services. With new emerging 5G services, 5G QoE management collection aims at specifying the mechanism to collect the experience parameters for the multimedia telephony service for IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), multimedia broadcast and multicast service (MBMS), virtual reality (VR), etc. Taking LTE QoE as a baseline, generic NR QoE management mechanisms for activation, deactivation, configuration, and reporting of QoE measurement are introduced in this paper. Additionally, some enhanced QoE features in NR are discussed, such as radio access network (RAN) overload handling, RAN-visible QoE, perslice QoE measurement, radio-related measurement, and QoE continuity for mobility. This paper also introduces solutions to NR QoE, which concludes the progress of NR QoE in the3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

Keywords: NR; QoE; measurement collection; activation; deactivation; mobility; RAN visible QoE; radio-related information

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