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Differentially Authorized Deduplication System Based on Blockchain

ZHAO Tian, LI Hui, YANG Xin, WANG Han, ZENG Ming, GUO Haisheng, WANG Dezheng Click:481

Differentially Authorized Deduplication System Based on Blockchain

ZHAO Tian1, LI Hui1, YANG Xin1, WANG Han1, ZENG Ming2, GUO Haisheng2, WANG Dezheng2
(1. Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University, Shenzhen 518055, China;
2. ZTE Corporation, Shenzhen 518057, China)

Abstract: In architecture of cloud storage, the deduplication technology encrypted with the convergent key is one of the important data compression technologies, which effectively improves the utilization of space and bandwidth. To further refine the usage scenarios for various user permissions and enhance user’s data security, we propose a blockchain-based differential authorized deduplication system. The proposed system optimizes the traditional Proof of Vote (PoV) consensus algorithm and simplifies the existing differential authorization process to realize credible management and dynamic update of authority. Based on the decentralized property of blockchain, we overcome the centralized single point fault problem of traditional differentially authorized deduplication system. Besides, the operations of legitimate users are recorded in blocks to ensure the traceability of behaviors.

Keywords: convergent key; deduplication; blockchain; differential authorization

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