Green Air-Ground Integrated Heterogeneous Network in 6G Era

Release Date:2021-03-15  Author:WU Huici, LI Hanjie, TAO Xiaofeng  Click:

Green Air-Ground Integrated Heterogeneous Network in 6G Era

WU Huici, LI Hanjie, TAO Xiaofeng
(Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing 100876, China)

Abstract: The research of three-dimensional integrated communication technology plays a key role in achieving the ubiquitous connectivity, ultra-high data rates, and emergency communications in the sixth generation (6G) networks. Aerial networking provides a promising solution to flexible, scalable, low-cost and reliable coverage for wireless devices. The integration of aerial network and terrestrial network has been an inevitable paradigm in the 6G era. However, energy-efficient communications and networking among aerial network and terrestrial network face great challenges. This paper is dedicated to discussing green communications of the air-ground integrated heterogeneous network (AGIHN). We first provide a brief introduction to the characteristics of AGIHN in 6G networks. Further, we analyze the challenges of green AGIHN from the aspects of green terrestrial networks and green aerial networks. Finally, several solutions to and key technologies of the green AGIHN are discussed.
Keywords: cluster head selection; unmanned aerial vehicle; blockchain; IoT; average secrecy rate


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