Satellite E2E Network Slicing based on 5G Technology

Release Date:2020-12-14  Author:ZHANG Jing, WEI Xiao, CHENG Junfeng, FENG Xu  Click:

Satellite E2E Network Slicing Based on 5G Technology

ZHANG Jing, WEI Xiao, CHENG Junfeng, FENG Xu
(China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology, Beijing 100041, China)

Abstract: We investigate the design of satellite network slicing for the first time to provide customized services for the diversified applications, and propose a novel scheme for satellite end-to-end (E2E) network slicing based on 5G technology, which provides a view of common satellite network slicing and supports flexible network deployment between the satellite and the ground. Specifically, considering the limited satellite network resource and the characteristics of the satellite channel, we propose a novel satellite E2E network slicing architecture. Therein, the deployment of the network functions between the satellite and the ground is coordinately considered. Subsequently, the classification and the isolation technologies of satellite network sub-slices are proposed adaptively based on 5G technology to support resource allocation on demand. Then, we develop the management technologies for the satellite E2E network slicing including slicing key performance indicator (KPI) design, slicing deployment, and slicing management. Finally, the analysis of the challenges and future work shows the potential research in the future.
Keywords: satellite communications; E2E network slicing; diversified applications; 5G technology


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