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Risk Analysis of Industrial Internet Identity System

Release Date:2020-05-22  Author:TANG Kai  Click:

Risk Analysis of Industrial Internet Identity System

(ZTE Corporation, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518057, China )

Abstract: The risks of the current identity system represented by Domain Name System (DNS) and Object Identifier (OID) are studied. According to the characteristics of the Industrial Internet Identity (III) system, four open ecosystem planes are divided, and a corresponding risk analysis view is established to analyze risks for various planes. This paper uses Isaiah Berlin’s definition of liberty to more generally express the concept of security as positive rights and negative rights. In the risk analysis view, the target system is modeled from four dimensions: stakeholders, framework, architecture, and capability delivery. At last,three defensive lines are proposed to establish the identity credit system.
Keywords: Industrial Internet; identity credit system; risk analysis view; right framework; security attribute