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Ten Reflections on 5G

WU Hequan Click:664

Ten Reflections on 5G

WU Hequan
(China Information Communication Technologies Group Corporation)

Abstract: 5G takes the concept of service-oriented architecture to replace the priority principle of network efficiency in the Internet to meet requirements of the industrial Internet and smart cities, such as high reliability and low latency. On the other hand, in order to adapt to the uncertainty of future business, 5G features the openness of services and the Internet protocols, different from the closeness of traditional telecommunication networks. Although 5G tries to have the advantages of both the Internet and telecommunication network, its realization still faces many challenges. In this paper, ten major issues concerning 5G networking and service offering are discussed.
Keywords: 5G; software defined networking (SDN); network functions virtualization (NFV); network slices; service-based architecture (SBA); mobile edge computing (MEC)

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