RAN Centric Data Collection for New Radio

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RAN Centric Data Collection for New Radio

GAO Yin, LI Dapeng, HAN Jiren, LIU Zhuang, and LIU Yang
(Algorithm Department, ZTE Corporation, Shanghai 201203, China)

Abstract:Self-organizing network (SON) and minimization of driver tests (MDT) are functions designed for long term evolution (LTE) system. SON is designed for network deployment by automatic configuration. MDT is designed for network performance evaluation by automatic signalling procedure. However, these functions do not support new features in new radio (NR) access technology, e.g., multiple radio access technology (RAT)-dual connectivity (MR-DC), central unit-distribute unit (CU-DU) split architecture, beam, etc. Therefore, how to support these features is a challenge for Industry. This paper provides analysis for these problems and provides the summary of SON/MDT functions progress in 3GPP. The analysis includes sub functions such as inter/intra system mobility robustness enhancement, inter/intra system mobility load balance, measurement qualities and mechanism of MDT, energy saving mechanism and procedure, RACH procedure optimization, PCI selection optimization, coverage and capacity optimization, and quality of service (QoS) monitoring mechanism. In addition, this paper also provides an initial thought on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms applied to SON/MDT functions in NR, so called Smart Grid.
Keywords:NR; SON; MDT; data collection


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