Quality of Experience Effects in Video Delivery

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Quality of Experience Effects in Video Delivery

CHEN Jinling, XU Yiwen, LIU Yisang, HUANG Huiwen, and ZHUANG Zhongwen
(Fuzhou University, Fuzhou, Fujian 350108, China)

Abstract: With the popularization of smartphones and high-speed networks, a larger number of users are getting used to watching videos online and have increasing requirements of video quality. Therefore, the video content delivery has become a progressively challenging task, especially for ultra-high-definition (UHD) videos and heterogonous networks. Recently, quality of experience (QoE), which represents the true visual experience of users, has shown its advantages in management of video delivery and thus attracts increasing attentions. In a video delivery system, the user QoE can be greatly influenced by numerous effects from video sources to display terminals. In this paper, we first investigate the significant differences between quality of service (QoS) and QoE. In addition, we summarize the end-to-end QoE effects in video delivery and present their classification based on the deployment. We also specifically analyze the impacts of different kinds of factors on QoE in video transmission systems.

Keywords: QoE; QoS; video delivery; video quality



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