SDN Based Security Services

Release Date:2019-01-04 Author:ZHANG Yunyong, XU Lei, and TAO Ye Click:

[Abstract] With the development and revolution of network in recent years, the scale and complexity of network have become big issues. Traditional hardware based network security solution has shown some significant disadvantages in cloud computing based Internet data centers (IDC), such as high cost and lack of flexibility. With the implementation of software defined networking (SDN), network security solution could be more flexible and efficient, such as SDN based firewall service and SDN based DDoS⁃attack mitigation service. Moreover, combined with cloud computing and SDN technology, network security services could be lighter⁃weighted, more flexible, and on⁃demanded. This paper analyzes some typical SDN based network security services, and provide a research on SDN based cloud security service (network security service pool) and its implementation in IDCs.

[Keywords] SDN; network security; cloud security service

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