How to Manage Multimedia Traffic: Based on QoE or QoT?

Release Date:2018-10-23  Author:Amulya Karaadi, Is⁃Haka Mkwawa, and Lingfen Sun  Click:

[Abstract] Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as environmental monitoring, healthcare, surveillance, event recognition and traffic control are amongst the most commonly deployed applications over the Internet. These applications involve multimedia content that has to be collected, processed and delivered appropriately over the Internet for further processing by human or machines. These applications come with their own set of requirements such as quality, computational power and bandwidth. It is, therefore, vital to minimize power consumption and bandwidth usage in IoT devices without compromising the quality of multimedia delivery. Since the delivery of the multimedia can be destined to a machine or human, it is important to distinguish multimedia quality between the two. Quality of Experience (QoE) for video services involves human visual system, but what will involve a machine or process? To distinguish between the two, this paper defines a new concept of Acceptable Quality of Things (AQoT) which involves IoT devices and their applications. AQoT aims at minimizing bandwidth without compromising quality in IoT devices. Experimental results based on human detection and license number plate detection use cases have demonstrated that the AQoT concept can significantly reduce bandwidth usage.

[Keywords] QoE; QoT; IoT; bandwidth; video streaming


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