Measuring QoE of Web Service with Mining DNS Resolution Data

Release Date:2018-02-06  Author:LIU Yongsheng, GU Yu, WEN Xiangjiang, WANG Xiaoyan, and FU Yufei  Click:

[Abstract] Internet service providers (ISPs) are paying more attention to the Quality of Experience (QoE) of the web service that is one of the most widely used Internet services. Measuring it with existing systems deployed in the network so far may save investment for ISPs since no additional QoE system is required. In this paper, with Domain Name System (DNS) resolution data that are available in the ISP’ network, we propose the First Webpage Time (FWT) algorithm in order to measure the QoE of the web service. The proposed FWT algorithm is analyzed in theory, which shows that its precision is guaranteed. Experiments based on the ISP’s DNS resolution data are carried out to evaluate the proposed FWT algorithm.

[Keywords] FWT algorithm; web service; QoE; ISP


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