Emotion Analysis on Social Big Data

Release Date:2018-02-06  Author:REN Fuji and Kazuyuki Matsumoto  Click:

[Abstract] In this paper, we describe a method of emotion analysis on social big data. Social big data means text data that is emerging on Internet social networking services.We collect multilingual web corpora and annotated emotion tags to these corpora for the purpose of emotion analysis. Because these data are constructed by manual annotation, their quality is high but their quantity is low. If we create an emotion analysis model based on this corpus with high quality and use the model for the analysis of social big data, we might be able to statistically analyze emotional sensesand behavior of the people in Internet communications, which we could not know before. In this paper, we create an emotion analysis model that integrate the high⁃quality emotion corpus and the automatic⁃constructed corpus that we created in our past studies, and then analyze a large⁃scale corpus consisting of Twitter tweets based on the model. As the result of time⁃series analysis on the large⁃scale corpus and the result of model evaluation, we show the effectiveness of our proposed method.

[Keywords] emotion analysis; social big data analysis; affective computing


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