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Introduction to AVS2 Scene Video Coding Techniques

Release Date:2016-03-11  Author:Jiaying Yan, Siwei Dong, Yonghong Tian, and Tiejun Huang  Click:

[Abstract] The second generation Audio Video Coding Standard (AVS2) is the most recent video coding standard. By introducing several new coding techniques, AVS2 can provide more efficient compression for scene videos such as surveillance videos, conference videos, etc. Due to the limited scenes, scene videos have great redundancy especially in background region. The new scene video coding techniques applied in AVS2 mainly focus on reducing redundancy in order to achieve higher compression. This paper introduces several important AVS2 scene video coding techniques. Experimental results show that with scene video coding tools, AVS2 can save nearly 40% BD⁃rate (Bjøntegaard⁃Delta bit⁃rate) on scene videos.

[Keywords] AVS2; scene videos coding; background prediction