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Overview of the Second Generation AVS Video Coding Standard (AVS2)

Release Date:2016-03-11  Author:Shanshe Wang, Falei Luo, and Siwei Ma  Click:

[Abstract] AVS2 is a new generation video coding standard developed by the AVS working group. Compared with the first generation AVS video coding standard, known as AVS1, AVS2 significantly improves coding performance by using many new coding technologies, e.g., adaptive block partition and two level transform coding. Moreover, for scene video, e.g. surveillance video and conference video, AVS2 provided a background picture modeling scheme to achieve more accurate prediction, which can also make object detection and tracking in surveillance video coding more flexible. Experimental results show that AVS2 is competitive with High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) in terms of performance. Especially for scene video, AVS2 can achieve 39% bit rate saving over HEVC.

[Keywords] Video Coding; AVS2; AVS1