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Service Parameter Exposure and Dynamic Service Negotiation in SDN Environments

Release Date:2014-06-18  Author:M. Boucadair and C. Jacquenet  Click:

[Abstract] Software⁃defined networking (SDN) is a generic term and one of the major interests of the telecoms industry (and beyond) over the past two years. However, defining SDN is a somewhat controversial exercise. The claimed flexibility, as well as other presumed assets of SDN, should be carefully investigated. In particular, the use of SDN to dynamically provision network services suggests the introduction of a certain level of automation in the overall network service delivery process, from service parameter negotiation to delivery and operation. This paper aims to clarify the SDN landscape and focuses on two main aspects of the SDN framework: network abstraction, and dynamic parameter exposure and negotiation.

[Keywords] software⁃defined networking (SDN); service parameter exposure and negotiation; network operation automation; autonomic networking