ZTE Debuts China´s First Digital Home Total Solution

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ZTE Debuts China´s First Digital Home Total Solution

ZTE Corporation has launched China´s first digital home total solution combining a home gateway, home network peripheral equipment, and ZTE´s Equipment Management System (EMS).

    The ZTE Home Gateway has a high speed ADSL/cable modem allowing up to eight concurrent services such as streaming audio or video, video on demand, voice over IP, online TV, faxes and calls to fixed or mobile phones. It also enables communications between home devices such as sharing printers and computer storage, sending music from an MP3 player via an IP set top box to a stereo and sending digital camera images to a TV.

     Interfaces are provided for USB, LAN, Wireless LAN, fixed line telephone and Bluetooth connections. Devices that can connect to the Home Gateway include PCs, MP3 players, computer file storage, TVs and stereos (via a set top box), video phones, wireless IP cameras, Bluetooth-enabled handsets, WiFi-enabled handsets, printers and analogue phones and faxes.

    ZTE´s Equipment Management System helps operators to effectively manage home gateways and home network peripheral equipment via remote monitoring, configuring, and more. In addition, it enables the capability of delivering
high-quality services.

    "Our Digital Home Total Solution boasts the latest communications and networking technologies services." said ZTE VP Ms Chen Jie. "ZTE is also a member of international industry groups HGI (Home Gateway Initiative), so the Solution works with all the current and next-generation key industry standards and protocols."



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