ZTE Chief Strategy Officer Wang Xiang: Reshaping Business Value with 5G Innovation for a Win-Win Future

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Wang Xiang
ZTE Chief Strategy Officer

As the launch of 5G for commercial use commenced around the world in 2019, we enter an exciting era. The 5G industry chain is maturing and 5G innovative applications are flourishing. The business opportunities are only just being realized. 

5G allows mobile data to be delivered at ultra-fast speeds to bring users the ultimate experience, including ultra-high definition (UHD) videos and AR/VR applications. This will mean data consumption per user will significantly increase. According to GSMA, the monthly mobile data traffic of a single user will increase 3.5 times, from 5.3 GB in 2018 to 24 GB in 2024. 

5G-based infrastructure to enable the Intelligent Internet of Everything (IIoE) is emerging, which is as significant as the realization of the global Internet in the 1990s. 5G empowers and drives the digital transformation of various industries, and brings unimaginable new services, new models and new growth potential for multiple industries, not only the IT industry. 

In the manufacturing field, 5G will be the catalyst for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, driving the capability and efficiency of intelligent machines. The first two industrial revolutions were enabled by new energy technologies – steam and electricity, whereas the third and now the fourth are driven by the development of information technologies (IT). 

IT is vital in propelling the society through groundbreaking and revolutionary inventions. According to the U.S. economist, author and futurist, Jeremy Rifkin, future societal changes will depend on the technological development in three key areas – communication, energy and transport. 5G is a new communication technology which covers a multitude of industries and will enable the society as a whole to be exponentially more efficient. IHS Markit predicts that 5G will generate USD13.2 trillion of economic output across the globe over the next 15 years.  

5G addresses four challenges that industrial digitalization faces: ubiquitous mobile connection, end-to-end real-time response, multi-service coexistence, and service innovation and empowerment. 5G combined with cloud computing, AI, and big data will forge an infrastructure platform that will accelerate innovation of an open and collaborative ecosystem. 

On the network side, 5G is deployed to build an extremely simplified network, expedite the SA (standalone) networking, push forward cloud & edge coordination through the introduction of mobile edge computing (MEC) and AI technologies, enhance seamless integration with relevant industrial technologies to provide real-time services and ultimate experience for various customers. 

On the application side, it is essential to enhance the collaboration among operators, vendors, ISPs (Internet Service Providers), ICPs (Internet Content Providers), ISVs (Independent Software Vendor), solution providers, integrators and customers to explore application solutions and accelerate the construction of a series of platforms (including the industrial Internet) to achieve breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing, smart grid, smart driving etc.

As one of the leading 5G vendors, ZTE continuously leads the innovations in the development of the 5G network and applications. ZTE had cooperated with more than 70 operators around the world in 5G, and had obtained 46 5G commercial contracts. ZTE launched end-to-end 5G solutions supporting simplified sites. These included all-scenario series 5G base stations, converged core network, unified 5G bearer networks and 5G terminals to help operators quickly build competitive 5G networks. ZTE focuses on five enabling platforms for cloud video, ubiquitous Internet of Things, robot AI, security, and high-precision positioning. ZTE has carried out joint innovation on industry solutions with over 200 partners and collaborated with over 300 industry-leading customers on innovative 5G applications. 

ZTE continues to work with global partners to promote the research into 5G industry standards, technologies and patents, and to encourage the implementation of vertical industry applications to construct a win-win 5G ecosystem.

5G will change the society and reshape businesses. ZTE will work with partners and customers to strengthen innovation, be open and collaborative, cope with challenges, seize opportunities and succeed in the digital future together.

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