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Supplier CSR
ZTE continually strives to develop and promote high standards of business behavior and social responsibility. Our Guide to Ethical Business Practice promotes fairness and dignity for the people and environments wherever we do business. To this end, ZTE has established a Supplier Code of Conduct that outlines certain principles expected from our supplier base and throughout the ZTE supply chain. ZTE expects all suppliers — especially our "Strategic" suppliers — to adopt and adhere to policies and procedures that uphold the same high standards of integrity and ethical business practice ZTE does. It is important to ZTE that all suppliers represent us in a manner that enhances our reputation and relationships with our stakeholders, including customers, around the world.
The Supplier Code of Conduct is based on three overriding principles:
1. Be Honest and Obey All Applicable Laws: Commit to act in accordance with all relevant laws, regulations and industry standards in the countries in which suppliers operate.
2. Treat People with Dignity and Respect: Adopt and promote labor practices that foster the dignity of the individual as well as conform to all local laws and regulations.
3. Protect and Enhance the Environment: Recognize global and local environmental responsibilities and take all commercially reasonable steps to safeguard the environment.