European Cybersecurity Lab

The lab in Brussels serves the whole European market with a focus on assessments of 4G/5G products. It supports establishing a real 5G environment for testing and allows customers and third parties to review the source code of ZTE products by remotely accessing the Nanjing Lab.

Located in the center of Europe, the lab is an essential platform for ZTE to collaborate with customers, regulators, and leading security companies in equipment assessment, capability exchange, and certification.

Assessment projects 

                                                                                   Completed    Uncompleted

1 ZXROSNG Synopsys
2 5G Core Network Netas & ZTE
3 ZTE ElasticNet UME Netas
4 ZXRAN V9200+ZXRAN A9611  ZTE
5 ZTE AMF Network Element P1 security

Certification projects

1 NESAS audit assessment atsec

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