Ethics & Compliance

Conducting business with integrity and in accordance with ethical standards is the basic rule of ZTE Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies. The information in our code of conduct will help guide us in a business environment that has become ever more complex. It addresses the expectations that we have for each other, as well as the high ethical standards that our customers, business partners and investors expect from us.
ZTE code of conduct including the following parts:
●Ethical Business Practices
●Information Protection
●Positive Workplace
●External Communications and Social Responsibilities
●Breaches of the Code and Speaking Up
ZTE’s success must never be achieved at the cost of our organizational ethics and values. It takes all of us and our third parties to uphold ZTE’s standards in ethics and integrity. ZTE employees should uphold both its spirit and the letter, and always consider the impact of our actions on our business, reputation and investors. As we go about our jobs representing ZTE, we must conduct ourselves in an ethical manner at all times especially when dealing with our business partners whom we have strategic cooperation with, our third parties and our customers.

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