Any consultation, suggestion, or violation report, please tell us

ZTE encourages all employees who have any doubt about whether a certain conduct or activity meets the requirements of the ZTE Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy and ZTE Anti-Bribery Compliance Manual at any time to obtain assistance by contacting the following personnel or professional departments or channels:

1) Your direct business leader, department leader or higher level management
2) Compliance point of contact of your department
3) BU compliance director /compliance manager
4) Legal manager supporting the business unit
5) Anti-Commercial Bribery Compliance Dept.
6) Legal & Compliance Intelligent Customer Service
7) MOA Compliance Artificial Intelligence

In addition, where any misconduct or incident violating the ZTE Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy and ZTE Anti-Bribery Compliance Manual is identified, please promptly report through the following channels:

2)Compliance Recommendation & Report on LCM
4)Tel(24/7)(+86)400 830 8330(China)

ZTE encourages all clients, business associates, employees and shareholders to supervise and report the business behaviors of ZTE or its employees and business associates. If your reporting information can help avoid or recover greater losses for ZTE, ZTE will provide you with corresponding rewards.

ZTE reserves the right to punish or transfer to judiciary authorities any violation of relevant laws and regulations or provisions of the ZTE Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy. Please refer to the Regulations of Protecting and Rewarding Real-Name Compliance Whistleblowers.

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