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If you have any question about Data Protection, or have any request or query for your personal information, please send an email to contact us.

Mailing Information:
Recipient: Data Protection Compliance Dept. of ZTE Corporation 
Address: No. 55, Hi-tech Road South, Shenzhen, P.R.China
Postcode: 518057

For requirements by applicable laws, according to the privacy policy of ZTE, you may:
(1)have access to your personal information we have held;
(2)update or correct any of your inaccurate personal information; 
(3)refuse to allow us to use your personal information; and 
(4)require us to limit or delete your personal information, and
(5) require us to comply with your request for data portability
If you want to exercise your data subject rights, please click here:
Data Subject Rights Application Entrance

To ensure security, you need to provide a written request. If we have reasonable basis for believing that these requests are deceptive, unable to carry out or damage the privacy rights of others, we will refuse to process the requests.
If you have any questions about the exercise of data subject rights, you can contact us according to the above way.
In addition, if you find any misconduct or incident that violates ZTE's data protection compliance requirements, report it immediately in the following three ways:

1) Website
2) Email
 Email :
3) Free local hotline
 400-0707-099 (China mainland).
+ 862133138584 (other countries or regions)

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