Data Protection Compliance

The European Union General data protection regulation (GDPR) has come into force as of May 25, 2018. The regulation will affect how companies apply GDPR to collect and manage their customers' and employees' personal data. According to GDPR, any enterprise with an institution in the EU or providing products or services to the EU should comply with this requirement when dealing with the personal data of EU data subjects. Those who violate the requirement will be fined up to 4 percent of the company's annual turnover.
As a provider of communication equipment and solutions, ZTE has always attached great importance to data protection and taken corresponding responsibilities seriously, and ZTE has incorporated data requirements into its daily business processes.
ZTE complies with applicable global data laws, including GDPR. ZTE will ensure that relevant businesses comply with the applicable GDPR requirements.

1.ZTE attaches great importance to data protection. In order to ensure the effective implementation of data protection requirements, we have specifically set up the relevant data protection department to work together with various departments, and appointed an EU data protection officers in key EU countries to better meet the requirements of GDPR.

2.ZTE adopts industry-recognized data protection methods and practices. In the business scenario that GDPR is applicable:(1)Personal data privacy dictionary is established initially,(2)The emergency response mechanism for personal data breach has been established. In case of personal data breach, ZTE will immediately set up an emergency team based on the existing response process. In order to protect the privacy of our users as much as possible, we strive to minimize the potential loss of personal data and to ensure that those affected by data breaches are properly notified.(3)Embedding data protection compliance requirements in the supplier management process(4)ZTE gradually promotes data protection compliance requirements embeded in IT system and optimization processes.

3.ZTE regularly and continuously provides data compliance training to employees, and ZTE attaches great importance to improving employees' awareness of GDPR compliance, ensuring that each employee and partner involved in GDPR can accurately understand data protection compliance requirements, and strictly implement the applicable system and processes of the company.

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