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Product Overview
UBR Series
ZTE offers the industry's most complete dual-band and triple-band UBR products, enabling the most simplified deployment of multi-band and multi-mode sites to save antenna space and reduce rental costs. There are 2 series of UBR products, the high integration series, and the high power series. For the high integration series, the UBR is designed with 12 or 6 transmitting/receiving channels to support the whole 3-sector-site with dual-band/triple-band. This UBR series can reduce the radio units on the tower significantly, achieving the most simplified site solution. For the high power series, the UBR support dual-band/triple-band with up to 4 transmitting/receiving channels and extremely high power. This UBR series can be used for RAN sharing scenarios which require multi-band full-bandwidth, large capacity and coverage.

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