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ZXONE 7000

The ZXONE 7000 is a box-type ultra-100G OTN product dedicated to data center interconnection. It features small size, large capacity, intelligence, low power consumption, and easy deployment. ZXONE 7000 supports B100G system applications and can meet the interconnection requirements of ultra-large-capacity data centers, such as ICPs (internet content provider), CNPs (carrier-neutral provider), and CSPs (communications service provider).

Ultra-large capacity

  • 12.8T single subrack capacity,up to 800G single-wave rate


Full scenario coverage

  • Line rate 200G~800G can be flexibly adjusted, and metro and long-distance DCIs can be fully adapted


Open decoupling

  • Optical systems and service systems are decoupled, and devices can be quickly integrated into the user's management and control system


Convenient O&M

  • Supports Telemetry and LLDP functions to help users master device information in real time
  • Supports lightweight WebGUI O&M management, saving network construction investment.


Flexible deployment

  • With a height of only 2U, the power supply and heat dissipation mode adapts to the DC equipment room, and can be deployed on demand for flexible migration
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Specification Parameter
Dimensions (H * W * D) mm 88.1*442*460
Interface Type 10GE/100GE/100GE FlexE, STM-64, OTU2/OTU4/OTUC2/OTUC4/OTUC8
Power supply mode DC: -48V
AC: 110V/220V
HVDC: 240V
Operating temperature 0~40℃
Operating humidity 5%~85%