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ZTE Techical White Paper On Elastic SD-WAN Solution

With rapid development of SDN and NFV technologies, various business and service modes emerge. Traditional carriers are facing the plight of lower ARPU and tend to becoming pipeline providers. The key to change the status is to provide a variety of value-added services and support in-depth operation of traffic so that enterprise egress network devices are not limited to traditional interconnection & interworking requirements and can provide customized applications.

Technical White Paper on ZTE Elastic VPN Solution

With the rapid development of SDN and NFV technologies, enterprises and operators attach great importance to the joint deployment of SDN and NFV. ZTE proposes the Elastic VPN solution by deeply integrating SDN and NFV technologies while considering the features of its products. ZTE Elastic VPN solution is a network solution for interconnection of new private lines of enterprise networks.

Technical White Paper on ZTE Enterprise ICT Integration Solution

Boosted by dramatic development of SDN and NFV technologies, enterprises always dreaming of having decreasing network investment, less OAM cost and faster service provisioning now start focusing on joint deployment of the SDN and NFV technologies. The enterprise ICT solution mainly consists of two parts, one is interconnections between branches and headquarters (referring to the establishment of VPNs between the branches and headquarters), the other is value-added services (including firewalls, ACs and WAN acceleration).

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