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Fast Deployment Site Solution

ZTE has launched a series of fast deployment site solutions according to the local conditions, which brings the clients great economic and social benefits.

Renewable Energy Solutions

ZTE develops a new integrated hybrid power solution, including various hybrid power solutions, solar power solution, solar-DG hybrid power solution, Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Solution, etc. The new integrated hybrid power solution is based on a core control system, which has high integration to house and control all the power units, such as CSU, solar power unit, rectifier, wind controller, etc.

Integrated Battery-DG Hybrid Solution

ZTE develops a new integrated and innovative battery-DG power solution. Based on the unified platform, this solution is very suitable for the area with no, poor, or unstable grid power, including new site construction or existing site transformation.

Integrated Transformation Solution

ZTE integration transformation solution can be divided into three parts: efficiency improving, consumption reducing, and investment protecting. For energy generation, conversion, storage part, efficiency improving is very important which mainly include mechanical and electrical efficiency.

Distributed PV Power Generation Solution

Distributed PV power generation system consists of large-scale PV arrays, grid-tied inverters, AC distribution, energy meter and supervision unit. When sunlight is strong, PV array directly converts solar energy into electrical energy and outputs DC voltage.

Centralized PV Power plant Solution

Centralized PV power generation system consists of large-scale PV arrays, grid-tied inverters, LV AC distribution, step-up transformer, MV or HV switchgear, energy meter and SCADA system.

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