Ubiquitous Access



Green Solutions for Lower TCO

The Green Era is to come with the rising of the energy-saving concept in the Telecom industry. The Green Network aims at reducing the consumption of resources, cutting down the prices and minimizing the environmental pollution, and finally bringing benefits to users.

Hybrid and Native Microwave Backhaul Solution

Hybrid & Native technologies provide a unique transmission evolution solution. It can enhance the transmission efficiency & support all-IP network evolution with no complicated traffic mapping.

Microwave Clock Synchronization Solution

Microwave, as the access equipment between wireless devices and transmission equipments, should provide different synchronization methods for varied services during the network design and usage. Currently, the major methods of clock synchronization supported by microwave are GPS, BITS, 1588v2, Sync. E, and TDM synchronization. The mentioned methods can meet the requirements of clock synchronization and transmission of wireless devices and transmission equipments. In order to deepen the understanding of clock synchronization, several commonly synchronization methods are briefly introduced in this section.

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