5G E2E Network Slicing Solution

  • 1.   Introduction

    As a new-generation digital infrastructure, 5G is becoming a new driving energy for economy and society development, providing fundamental network capabilities for the digitalization of thousands of industries. To meet the diversified requirements of vertical industries, 5G networks need differentiated network supporting capabilities, and 5G features such as network slicing are used to provide subdivided network services for vertical industries.

    ZTE 5G E2E Network Slicing Solution is a leading carrier-class slicing solution in the industry. By  splitting multiple virtual network slices on a unified physical network, the solution adapts to the differentiated requirements of various industry services such as industrial control, autonomous driving, smart grid, telemedicine and etc., providing agile, intelligent, and open slicing services, with focus on  emerging vertical industry applications. The 5G slicing helps to archive “One network enabling thousands of vertials”.

    2. Solution Description

    ZTE 5G E2E network slicing solution adopts leading technologies, such as unified air-interface, SBA, FlexE, intelligent DevOps orchestration and etc. , and provides E2E network slicing solution across radio access network , core network and transport network. It provides NSaaS (Network Slice as a Service) to the operators and customers from vertical industries and on-demand network slicing services for different scenarios.

    5G E2E Network Slicing Architecture

    ZTE 5G E2E network slicing solution is composed of following parts:

    RAN slice subnet: Supports flexible segmentation and deployment of AAU/CU/DU;Implements admission control and priority scheduling mechanism through flexible wireless resource segmentation and unified air interface framework design; Dynamically guarantees and adapts to air interface resource allocation requirements of different industries;
    CN slice subnet: Based on the leading service-based architecture, 5G core network sub-slicing archeives network functions decoupling, microservice and stateless design to meet the on-demand orchestration, fast deployment, flexibility, and high reliability requirements of slices and network functions; Supports NF sharing to improve cloud resource usage; Supports cross-DC deploymentadapting to dedicated requirements in different scenarios;
    TN slice subnet: Based on the SDN architecture of integrated management and control, transport slice supports dynamic and programmable networking. The FlexE-based hard slice is introducedand the innovative technology of Slicing Channel oriented to different user levels is deployed to satisfy the higher security isolation requirement and implement fast forwarding on the physical layer. thus meeting the SLA guarantee of the transport network for different types of services;
    E2E slice orchestration system: Supports end-to-end hierarchical orchestration and management, full-process modeling-driven, and AI-based automatic closed-loop O&M; Supports slice operation and NSaaS service provision through the portal of slice store, helping the clients to customize the immediate service of slice. Supports in-depth slice customization and on-demand deployment through the slice capability exposure platform, efficientlyintegrating the slice capabilities and industry applications.

    ZTE actively promotes the exploration and practice of 5G end-to-end slicing in technologies, applications, and business models. And ZTE has accumulated rich experience in network deployment in multiple fields such as smart manufacturing, remote control, smart grid and cloud games, and has made useful improvement in the innovation of business models such as B2B2B and B2B2C.

    In the field of intelligent manufacturing, ZTE provides industrial dedicated network solutions for smart factory scenarios with the innovative “5G slicing +MEC+ Machine Vision” solution to ensure the safety and reliability of the production process. The combination of industrial solutions and 5G slicing can greatly improve the production efficiency of manufacturing enterprises.

    In the field of cloud gaming, ZTE deploys 5G E2E network slice to build e-Sports-class dedicated network services in the 5G environment, creating extreme experience for VIP users of cloud games, as well as various online services.


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