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Industry Focus

5G Services

5G Precise Planning

In the early stage of 5G network development, ZTE creatively proposed 5G precise planning solution based on 4G network data in order to solve the accuracy problem of network planning.

5GC Automatic Integration

The "Zero Intervention" in the integration deployment test of the user 5GC on the site shortens the deployment/verification time of the 5GC core network greatly. The "Zero Distance" between the integration design and customer requirements is realized in the end-to-end integration test deployment from integration planning and design in the whole integration lifecycle, effectively solving the pain point of network integration of the carrier in the 5G construction.

5G Delivery

In response to the increasing demands for large-scale construction of 5G networks, ZTE has formulated an end-to-end intelligent delivery solution.

5G Intelligent O&M

Based on ZTE's unique AI enablement platform, the ZTE 5G intelligent O&M service provides carriers with a series of maintenance challenges in the 5G era.

5G Intelligent Network Optimization

To solve the problems such as more complex parameters and higher requirements for user perception in the multi-service scenario of the 5G reconstruction network , ZTE's AI intelligent platform based 5G optimization solution, with the AI algorithms as its core, meets the requirements of multiple scenarios such as coverage, interference, capacity, rate and parameter in the 5G network, constructs an intelligent network optimization solution, creates the 5G mobile superb network network, and brings perfect service experience to users.

5G Service Quality Management

With the continuous commercial use of 5G networks, various new types of network services continue to emerge. Based on the AI + big data technology, ZTE proposes 5G service quality management solution, which is oriented to three types of 5G application scenarios (mMTC / eMBB / uRLLC), with the direction of comprehensive intelligence and self optimization, to escort 5G service quality management.

5G User Experience Management

The solution combines the transformation of user application mode brought by 5G new business and new technology, and provides the main functions and high added value solutions that affect user experience in 5G era, such as VIP active care, one key complaint handling, end-to-end user perception, signaling monitoring, etc.