Fixed Network Optimization

Development Trend

With the increment of broadband services, fixed network access networks are developed rapidly. Early network construction focuses on rapid coverage to provide support for rapid market development. However, rapid development in large scopes results in network complexity, increases operation and maintenance difficulty and costs, and reduces the income growth rate. Consequently, network optimization and elaborate operation becomes a hotspot in strategies for the new stage: network optimization needs to meet the operation guarantee requirements for online equipment and improve network operation indicators; based on user traffic action analysis through the expert intelligent base, elaborate operation achieves marketing strategy development and determination, providing support for continuous service development.

The optical-fiber broadband coverage rate increases rapidly, so market competition of fixed network access network broadband services becomes more and more fierce. Network quality directly impacts on users’ selection. Operators need to create high-quality network brands to attract and retain users. Network capability and quality improvement becomes the focus in competition.

Among different types of fixed network access networks, PON is a representative network that supports operating multiple complex services such as broadband Internet access, IPTV, and VoIP on one user device. On devices and in networks, it is necessary to make proper planning and take required comprehensive network optimization technologies, including health improvement, traffic (or resource) balancing, service improvement, and security hardening. In this way, with the limited existing network resources, quality of fixed network access networks (and services) can be guaranteed, and efficiency can be improved.

Challenges to Customers

  • Data planning and configuration is improper, causing faults in networks and affects user experience.
  • Resource statistics is incorrect, and this is disadvantageous to specific marketing in business areas.
  • Bandwidth utilization in networks is too low or too high, routes are planned improperly, and service optimization levels are not allocated.
  • Network topology structures and optical powers are improper. Key boards and components have potential security exposure problems.

ZTE's Solution

>>Network Health Estimate and Optimization

The health states of network devices and links are basic factors of network quality. Through estimate and analysis, unhealthy and sub-healthy network devices and links can be discovered as early as possible, and optimization measures can be taken for troubleshooting.

>>Network Traffic and Resource Estimate and Optimization

Balancing between network traffic increment and resource investment is an important part of resource utilization improvement and operation benefit increment. Through optimization, visual management can be performed for traffic and resources. This provides support for estimate and analysis, and guides balancing between traffic and resources.

>>Network QoS Estimate and Optimization

When multiple services are provided in one network, the technical requirements and user sensitivities of the services are different. The user experience requirements of various services in broadband networks are higher and higher. Through proper resource planning and technological means, QoS can be guaranteed and improved to the maximum extent with the existing network resources.

>>Network Security Estimate and Optimization

Network security is a focus that carriers pay close attention to. Through estimate and analysis, early warnings can be provided, so faults can be troubleshot promptly. This ensures that networks can operate properly. Through network optimization, network QoS can be improved to retain and attract users.


  • The solution optimizes network KPIs, improves QoS, and promotes terminal user experience.
  •  Information about traffic of entire networks can be retrieved through network optimization tools. Traffic analysis, study, and determination based on the expert intelligent base provide support for initiative marketing.
  •  Network structure can be planned and optimized, QoS can be deployed, and traffic allocation on ports can be optimized based on service theoretical models and actual conditions. This achieves optimal cost performance of system investment.
  •  Measures such as uplink port protection, PON port protection, and device disaster recovery improve network operation stability, robustness, and security.
  • The solution provides reference for network planning and construction, and provides support for marketing.

Customer Benefits

  • Configuration is normalized, resource allocation is optimized, and user experience is guaranteed.
  • Elaborate operation provides support for service development and initiative marketing.
  • Security optimization provides steady networks, and reduces optional risk.
  • Maintenance optimization reduces maintenance difficulties and operating costs.

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