Learning Cloud System (Enterprise Edition)

Development Trend
In 2013, the use of talent development software by enterprises in China has entered a new stage. The enterprises that have been using HR software have more profound application of software functions. For enterprises that have not implemented e-Learning management, work efficiency improvement, and accurate and timely recording of e-Learning service information have become the motive force to introduce the HR software. 
It is estimated that HR software will develop rapidly in the e-Learning market in 2013. The e-Learning market size in China will reach 1.17 billion Yuan. Investigations show that the penetration rate of SaaS e-Learning management software is as low as 16.5% in China.
In 2013, the use of e-Learning software by enterprises has the following four features:

  • Enterprises focus more on product functions.
  • The e-Learning software will progressively become an inevitable performance support system.
  • Product concepts are incorporated into social networking of enterprises.
  • It takes a long time for SaaS HR software to be popular.

Challenges to Customers 

  • Inconsistency between employee ability improvement and company strategies.
  • Lack of systematic planning for employee capability improvement or attention to individual development.
  • Limited investment in employee capability improvement, and low training return on investment.
  • Monotonous training approaches and forms, conflicts between learning and work time, and employees’ lack of learning interests Unsound learning management mechanism, and difficultly to implement full-process training management.
  • Poor knowledge management and unsophisticated knowledge management systems.

ZTE’s Solution
Based on the learning and development requirements of enterprise employees, vendors, agents, suppliers, contractors, and customers, the ZTE Learning Cloud System (Enterprise Edition) can flexibly incorporate online live systems, VOD learning systems, learning management systems, online examination systems, collaborative community systems, capability management systems, and operation support systems to meet the requirements for knowledge management, learning and training, talent management, interaction, qualification, and learning operation. This solution also helps enterprises to rapidly build integrated and comprehensive online learning platforms, channel universities, online customer colleges, and learning organizations to improve the core competitiveness.


  • ZTE has expertise in cloud computing, and possesses leading cloud platforms.
  • Carrier-class network deployment meets the requirements for large capacity, and brings excellent user experience.
  • Standardized interfaces are provided for seamless interconnection with OA, mail, and HR management systems.
  • Excellent video protection mechanism can prevent inline linking, screenshot, and downloading to protect copyright.
  • The click-and-play function enables easy learning for trainees.
  • Smart examination systems are used to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Customer Benefits

  • Building a learning ecosystem This method can bring fundamental motive force for enterprise learning. Through the credit and score systems, employees’ learning, performance, and career development are associated closely. The enjoyable teaching and learning atmosphere is created to make knowledge generate spontaneously, convert freely, and disseminate orderly, and a dynamic learning ecosystem is established. 
  • Learning communities to normalize informal learning Learning communities enable everyone to learn the most valuable knowledge from experts, help to implement the 7-2-1 idea in work, and associate learning and work closely. Employees not only learn knowledge, but also search, raise questions, and share knowledge to solve the problems in work. Employees can also communicate with counterparts and enjoy the happiness of learning and sharing.
  • From knowledge management to knowledge operation ZTE learning cloud transforms traditional knowledge management into knowledge operation. Knowledge is no longer accumulated, converted, and disseminated through functional methods but through the market that verifies, highlights, and converts the value of knowledge. Corporate training departments transform from cost centers into profit centers, providing enterprises with sustainable development force.
  • Effective methods for capability improvement In terms of job qualifications and in accordance with capability requirements of various positions, this solution provides talent assessment, universal course systems, and learning methods for enterprises to build appropriate learning development systems.

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