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ZXR10 5960 Series Switch

  • Product Overview

    The ZXR10 5960 Series switch is next-generation switch with high switching capacity and high port density for data center TOR and carrier access and aggregation scenario. It provides high density 10GE/40GE interfaces, carrier-class reliability and superior scalability. The ZXR10 5960 Series switch support MPLS function, which can be used to build the MPLS Metro Network. The ZXR10 5960 Series switch also supports extensive data center service features such as VSC2.0 (Virtual Switch Cluster)/ TRILL (Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links)/ Front-to-back Airflow and Ethernet ring protection for L2 Ethernet service. The ZXR10 5960 Series switch can work with the ZXR10 9900 Series switch to build an elastic, virtualized, high-quality switching network that meets the requirements of cloud-computing data centers.

    The ZXR10 5960 Series switch offers the following switch products:

    5960-32DL: 24 10GE SFP+ optical ports and 2 40GE QSFP+ optical ports, 2 fan module, 2 AC/DC/HVDC power supply modules, front-to-back airflow
    5960-64DL: 48 10GE SFP+ optical ports and 4 40GE QSFP+ optical ports, 2 fan module, 2 AC/DC/HVDC power supply modules, front-to-back airflow
    5960-52TM48 Ethernet 10/100/1000M RJ45 electrical ports and one expansion slot, 2 fan modules, 2 AC/DC/HVDC power supply modules, front-to-back airflow

    The expansion card slot can be equipped with the following expansion cards:

    4 * 10GE SFP+ optical ports card
    4 * GE SFP optical ports card
    4 * GE RJ45 electrical ports card

    Product Features

    Up to 64×10GE Ports, 1U Switch with 40GE Interface

    ● The ZXR10 5960 Series switch supports up to 1.28Tbps wire-speed switching capacity with high density10GE/40GE interfaces. It delivers huge bandwidth capability to fulfill the growing service requirement in data center
    ● 1U switch supports up to 64×10GE ports when expand 40GE port into 4 10GE ports, in order to access large scale 10GE servers
    ● The 10 GE ports support working as GE ports, 40GE port can be expanded into 4 10 GE ports, flexible interface combination delivers easy deployment for TOR switch and save cost for customer

    Deliver Better Data Center Service Experience

    ● Support TRILL (Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links) L2 multi-path technology and meet large L2 networking needs without STP. The load is shared between links and bandwidth resources usage is nearly 100%. The ZXR10 5960 Series switch can be used to build large L2 network with over 500 nodes, which can meet the requirement of VM (Virtual Machine) migration
    ● Support DCB (Data Center Bridging) protocol family and fully guarantee network reliability and no loss in full range. The ZXR10 5960 Series switch supports PFC (Priority-based Flow Control), QCN (Quantized Congestion Notification), ETS (Enhanced Transmission Selection), DCBX (Data Center Bridging Exchange), which ensure low latency and zero packet loss for high-speed computing services
    ● Support multiple EVB (Ethernet Virtual Bridging) patterns including VM, VEB and VEPA (Virtual Ethernet Port aggregator), and these different patterns can coexist, so it can fulfill different networking requirements. With full support for related protocols like VDP (VSI Discovery Protocol), EDCP (Edge Devices Communication Protocol) and CDCP (S-Channel Discovery and Configuration Protocol), EVB can run smoothly
    ● Provide strict front and rear air ducts in line with the requirements of data center construction

    Innovative VSC2.0 (Virtual Switch Cluster) Technology

    ● Support VSC2.0 (Virtual Switch Cluster), which enhances cluster system capacity and port density, simplifies network topology and management
    ● Real time hot-standby information synchronization between master and standby master to ensure seamless switch over against network failures, enhancing network reliability
    ● Stacking bandwidth between the VSC switches can be up to 320Gbps, which can solve the bandwidth bottleneck of VSC and deliver customers a real-time non-blocking VSC system
    ● The stacking distance can be up to 80km, it helps customers get rid of distance restriction while designing a reliable VSC system
    ● Master and slave in VSC works in 1+N redundancy mode, MAD (Multi-active Detect) technology is used to detect and avoid dual master in VSC system when failure happens. Together with real-time hot-standby and seamless switchover it brings customer a more flexible VSC network
    ● No need special stacking sub-card, the normal ports can be used for VSC2.0 connecting, which helps customers save investments

    Powerful Service Bearing Capability

    ● By supporting rich L2 switching and L3 routing functions and low latency forwarding, The ZXR10 5960 Series switch can bear lots of service including WLAN, Internet, Voice, Video, Enterprise private network and other data services
    ● Support Voice VLAN (which means the automatic assignment of dedicated VLAN and QoS strategy to voice equipment), thus enabling the voice traffic to enjoy high priority
    ● Support L2/L3 multicast, including IGMP snooping, Filtering, Proxy and Fast leave, MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration) and PIM to facilitate the services deployments such as Multi-terminal HD video surveillance and video conferencing

    Comprehensive IPv6 Solution

    ● The ZXR10 5960 Series switch has passed the IPv6 Ready Phase 2 Gold Medal Certification issued by IPv6 Forum
    ● Support IPv6 unicast routing protocols: IPv6 static routing, RIPng, OSPFv3, IS-ISv6, and BGP4+ and multicast features: MLD v1/v2, MLD snooping, PIMv6
    ● Support IPv4-to-IPv6 tunnel technologies: IPv6 manual tunnels, 6-to-4 tunnel, ISATAP tunnel and IPv4-compatible automatic tunnel, etc

    Enhanced 10GE MPLS Network

    ● Supports MCE, enabling it to run multiple VPN instances without running MPLS, relieving pressure on the PE (provider edge) equipment
    ● Support LDP, LDP FRR, providing an stable MPLS application
    ● Support MPLS L2/L3 VPN, providing an economical reliable VPN solution for carrier network leased line service

    Carrier-Grade Reliability and Multi-Dimensional Security

    ● Support dual redundant modular fan and dual modular power supply
    ● Support Ethernet OAM, including IEEE 802.3ah, 802.1ag, help monitor network real-time operating status and fulfill fast fault detection, fault location
    ● Support various authentication methods such as 802.1x, Radius, TACACS+. Support CPU overload protection, anti-DDOS, deliver customer a security network

    Easy Maintenance, Saving OPEX

    ● The innovative M-Button delivers instant trouble-shooting by reading indicators on front panel without login via terminal. It helps to solve some common problems immediately
    ● Zero-touch provisioning, download software and configuration to the switch automatically from the server, Reduce provision process and man power requirement
    ● Support the SQA (Service Quality Analyzer), detecting the network quality periodically or in real time. In order to provide better quality of service for more valuable services
    ● Support ALS (automatic laser shutdown), protect people against laser injury when plug out the optical module

    Green for More

    ● Front-to-back shoot-through airflow and more air hole design in the front panel improve heat dissipation to reduce power consumption
    ● Fan speed can automatically adjust by 5 levels in accordance with the temperature inside the switch. It not only saves the power consumption, but also reduces noise and extends life cycle of the fans
    ● Complying with ROHS, WEEE and ISO14001 certification, No plumbum (Pb) in not only product materials but also the whole processing technic. Meanwhile, use re-cycles degradable packing materials, practice green for more