ZEGO Micromodular Data Center Solution

  • ZEGO micromodular data center integrates all the subsystems including: cabinets, base, aisle containment, In-Row cooling, power distribution, power supply, batteries, lightning protection, lighting and management system in one architecture. Including MDC8200, MDC8300 and FlexDC6100. The power density of each cabinet is up to 24kW. Cabinets, cooling, power distribution can be deployed fiexbly. 

    All of the equipment is prefabricated in the factory before shipment, making the on-site assembly easy and fast.  The micromodular data center solution is widely used in Internet, telecom,  government, finance and other fields.

    MDC8200——with In-Row Cooling

    MDC8300——with Underflooring Cooling


    FlexDC6100——Decoupling Design



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