ZTE BluePillar Smart Streetlight Product

  • Overview
    ZTE BluePillar smart streetlight solution integrates a variety of functions including street lighting, wireless communications (4G, WiFi), and EV charging and smart city platform. As a smart city platform, it can be used for public security, advertising, as well as collecting and releasing environmental data like brightness,temperature,humidity,air pressure,wind speed,wind direction, PM2.5, noise, etc. Compared to traditional street lighting system, this solution can bring much more new value-added business. It can perfectly match the current and future requirements of the city development.

    ●Different functional modules are available for different requirements.
    ●Flexible networking modes for different application scenarios to ease data access and remote control.
    ●Adjusting the illumination of LED lamps according to ambient brightness, time slot, season and traffic flow to achieve better energy saving.
    ●Integrated RRU with antenna enables fast hotspot coverage with low costs.
    ●Support value-added services including advertising, public security, EV charging, etc.
    ●Powerful professional information collecting and releasing.
    ●High co-location design on one pole, less footprint.


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