Product Overview

UBR Series

Through innovations in chipsets, algorithms, and system architectures, ZTE's new-generation UBR solution features rich product series, flexible band combination, and industry-leading performance. For complicated 2/3/4/5G network evolution, ZTE provides simplified, efficient, and low-energy solutions for best-in-class sites in industry. 1. Multi-band and multi-sector integration: 2 multi-band and multi-sector UBR replaces 15 single-band RRU, achieving five-band and three-sector coverage, greatly reducing tower space and site rental cost. 2. High output power and differentiated band combination: Series products designed for differentiated market, guarantees more flexible RAN sharing scenarios. 3. Low energy consumption: Higher energy efficiency significantly reduces site power consumption and energy cost.


  • Multi-sector integration for site simplification

On the basis of “spectrum integration”, ZTE further implements “sector integration” and develops the most simplified site solution in the industry. Through multi-sector integration, ZTE 6TR and 12TR UBR reduces 2/3/4/5G radio units from 15 to 2 for five frequency bands in multi-RAT site. It cuts down the site load, and is particularly suitable for greenfield site scenarios with multi-band operation.


  • High output power for RAN-sharing

Nowadays, RAN-sharing has become one of the most economically feasible choice for more and more operators in the 5G era. ZTE's all-scenario UniSite, with the most complete RRU series in industry, provides operators with perfect full-band and high output power solutions. The new RRU series has high integration, ultra-broadband and high output power with industry-leading level. Through hardware innovation and algorithm patents, the overall power consumption is further reduced to meet the deployment requirements of operators for complicated sites.


  • 8TR RRU

ZTE has launched dual-band 8TR RRU to further improve FDD NR network coverage and network capacity. Through multi-antenna arrays and advanced algorithms, the LTE/NR downlink rate is increased by 50% to 100%. 8TR RRU, with stronger penetration rate, achieves better indoor coverage performance, thus improves the competitiveness of operators' networks.