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Microwave Outdoor Series
As the world's leading microwave solution and equipment provider, ZTE microwave provides large-capacity, low-latency, efficient interconnection and intelligent transmission solutions for 4/5G network construction, including ultra-high-speed product platform, multi-band, carrier aggregation, segment Routing, AI O&M and ultra broadband antenna technologies, etc. No matter new or upgrade network, ZTE microwave can realize efficient and low-cost deployment.


• High Performance: ZTE microwave supports 25GE high-speed interface and 16K QAM high modulation, and can realize ultra-large transmission capacity of 20Gbps with technologies of multi-band, MIMO, etc. ZTE's self-developed chips and unique fast tunnel design can reduce the latency to 10-20us.

• Simplified design: High integration IDU, 4 Carrier ODU, and ultra broadband antenna can save expansion cost and improve efficiency greatly.

• Efficient interconnection: The industry-leading Segment Routing technology realizes L3-to-end, greatly improving network interconnection capability.

• Intelligent O&M: The unified operation and maintenance platform introduces AI engine, and has various APPs to realize intelligent network O&M.