Product Overview

All-RAT Large-Capacity BBUs

To meet challenges in the 5G era, ZTE launched a new-generation BBU series. This series of products not only supports all radio access technologies (RATs), flexible configuration, abundant interfaces, and flexible networking, but also features large capacity, low power consumption, easy maintenance, and high integration. Deployed indoor or outdoor, it helps construct the most simplified site solution UniSite, providing high-quality 5G services, and helping accelerate 5G-A commercialization. To satisfy increasing market demands and energy saving requirements, the BBU boards continuously evolve. The new series of boards based on the latest generation chip greatly increase NR and multi-mode capacity, and fewer boards are used for more complicated multi-mode sites, with power consumption significantly reduced.

  • All-RATs Large-capacity BBU – V9200

Besides the advanced structural design, the V9200 supports full-mode in large capacity and achieves flexible and simplified capacity configuration with the industry-unique 2G/3G/4G/5G multi-mode baseband board, which is an important part of ZTE UniSite solution. With base station native AI in the BBU, it supports the Radio Composer and PowerPilot solutions to realize optimized user experience and network efficiency and reduced base station power consumption. With an additional computing board to realize the NodeEngine solution, supporting local traffic offloading, intelligent service QoS guarantee and 3rd party application on-site deployment, it helps customers build a smart and simplified local private network cost-efficiently.


  • Outdoor Compact All-RATs BBU – V9920

With its compact design and IP55 protection, the outdoor compact all-RATs BBU V9920 supports AC or DC power supply and is especially suitable for rapid deployment to fulfill the instant needs of blind or hotspot coverage in dense urban, suburban or rural areas through wall-mounted or pole-mounted installation, achieving 5G overlay without cabinets or air-conditioned rooms to solve site acquisition difficulties. Its main boards are shared with the flagship BBU V9200, which will greatly reduce the cost for extra spare parts and guarantee continuous evolution.


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