Product Overview

AAU Series

By using the Massive MIMO technology, 5G AAU provides a wide range of products through differentiated designs in three aspects: transceiving channels, output power, and operating bandwidth. Besides, the chip, architecture, and algorithm design of the new-generation further improves the integration and energy efficiency of the products, thus significantly reducing the size, weight, and power consumption of the AAUs while supporting 320W and 400MHz large bandwidths meeting the high-quality and high-efficiency network construction requirements of operators. The full range of products support hibernation function, aiming at zero-load zero-carbon for sustainable development.

1. Sub6GHz AAU

  • Small size, light weight, low power consumption: ZTE 965X series AAUs support the combination of 64TR/32TR and 2.6 GHz/3.5 GHz, with significantly reduced footprint and weight comparing with the previous-generation products, realizing lower cost of equipment installation and deployment. The series AAUs also have higher power efficiency to reduce the power consumption and facilitate green and low-carbon operation.
  • Dual frequency bands with lower TCO: ZTE dual-band AAU supports multiple spectrum combinations of 2.6 GHz+3.5 GHz and 2.3 GHz+3.5 GHz, and supports 400W power, meeting the requirements of multi-spectrum 5G deployment in an cost-efficient way, saving tower space and greatly reducing site construction and O&M costs.
  • High bandwidth and power, supporting network sharing scenario: The high bandwidth series of ZTE AAUs support 400MHz and 320W output power, meeting the requirements of supporting fragmented spectrums and network co-construction and sharing.
  • Support hibernation function with all AAU series: Full series of AAUs support intelligent auto start/stop function. If there is no service load, the power consumption of AAU can be lower than 5W. And this function only needs remote software upgrade, no site reconstruction is required.


 2. mmWave AAU

  • ZTE mmWave product supports 8T8R and the maximum 1.6 GHz occupied bandwidth, to achieve 25Gbps+ peak throughput. It can be split into two 4T products for flexible application scenarios, and can provide ultra-high-capacity wireless access for enterprises and householders in hotspot areas.


 3. FDD Massive MIMO

  • ZTE launches the new-generation of FDD Massive MIMO. It is the leading site solution for optimal 3G, 4G and 5G. Through one step deployment, FDD Massive MIMO with extreme large capacity and better coverage performance helps to save the investment cost in dense urban areas for operators.
  • ZTE FDD Massive MIMO provides extremely high capacity in the industry in both 4G and 5G networks. Multi-band combination simplifies site deployment and reduces tower weight. ZTE FDD Massive MIMO has been successfully commercialized in overseas since 2022.