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Voice Service Quality Assurance

Voice service quality assurance solution is oriented to the operation and maintenance support of voice service. It is oriented to the operation and maintenance, network optimization, customer service, and market departments. Based on the open and decoupled architecture, relying on network signaling, it integrates the data of multiple manufacturers and multiple network elements, and uses artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning and other technologies to build a real-time, active, end-to-end, demarcation and positioning support system, realizing the promotion of the network, users, business quality, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs.


Highlights&Business Value


1. Global holography, active support: fully support CS / CSFB / VoLTE / EPS FB / VoNR global voice services, evaluate and analyze the control surface, voice / video telephone holographic perception, propose and implement 5S slice evaluation voice quality perception, self-learning distinguish VIP / VAP users, and actively real-time insight into user perception.
2. Whole process, end-to-end: from terminal to wireless, core network, business layer end-to-end connectivity, millisecond level data real-time Association, from the attachment, registration, connection, handover, call drop, voice, video phone seven important links of the whole business process evaluation, combined with the first disconnection, the combination of the cause value of each interface, end-to-end accurate identification of the root cause of the problem.
3. Intelligent insight, delimitation and positioning: Based on signaling big data, AI technology is used to automatically discover the problem of perception network invisibility, and optimization suggestions are given in combination with deep learning expert database. Guided by value, one key presents Customer complaint results, one key presents invisibility problems, one key presents delimitation results, and one key outputs optimization suggestions.

Business Value

1. Improve user perception and enhance the core competitiveness of operators: actively insight into user perception, improve real-time perception of poor quality, take priority over user complaints, quickly solve hidden problems, improve user voice perception and enhance the core competitiveness of operators.
2. Improve efficiency and reduce the cost of network operation and maintenance: faster, more accurate, simpler and easier to use, evaluate the network, business and users, automatically delimit, provide optimization suggestions, improve the quality of network performance, greatly reduce the cost of operation and maintenance and optimization.
3. Value added services to reduce risks: in combination with the market, customer service, operation and maintenance and other comprehensive needs, value-added service products such as "leakage reminder", "hang up SMS", "roaming care", "anti harassment phone" are provided in real time based on signaling, which can increase the usage of short messenger and provide value-added services for active users of operators, and reduce risks at the same time.


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