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Value Operation

Aiming at the challenges of network complexity, business diversification and experience personalization faced by operators, a comprehensive solution based on value operation is created. By means of end-to-end customer perception, business quality assurance, multi-dimensional analysis of payload promotion and other schemes, operators' stock operation and marketing activities are matched to provide value driven operation support.


Highlights&usiness Value


1. AI intelligent business identification and customized services, rapid identification of operators' proprietary business, emerging business and app application, agile support, weekly granularity delivery of new business and new app thematic support.
2. Through the analysis of value grouping and stock user behavior, we can effectively support the improvement of payload, guide package design and structural optimization, and greatly improve the operation capacity.

Business Value
1. Enhance the network brand, comprehensively support the quality assurance of VoLTE and data business, customize the guarantee for mainstream business and emerging business, and help operator to play the value business advantage from the network homogenization competition to build a brand.
2. Support open source revenue, identify the regular pattern of value business and payload promotion through pipeline visualization, and support business and user development. In overseas cases, the value area of payload increased by 50% +.


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